There’s nothing Ordinary about Ordinary Time

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Season after Pentecost which stretches from the day after Pentecost at the end of May until the First Sunday of Advent at the end of November. It is the longest season in the church calendar and is often referred to as “ordinary time.”

The Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith Rector St. Francis by the Sea

The Rev. Claudia Smith
Rector St. Francis by the Sea

I love what that says about the church and our spiritual journeys. You see even though there are moments of high drama and deeply moving events in our liturgical life together such as the birth of God in human form at Christmas or the end of that very special life on Good Friday and then his being resurrected back into the world at Easter – the bulk of our time together is spent in “ordinary time,” just getting about our life and trying to figure out what that means in terms of our faith.

We live in ordinary time. This period of approximately 5 months, therefore, is the fertile ground of our everyday lives into which we are being called to sow and cultivate the seeds of our faith. The liturgical color for this season is even green, which speaks to this as a season of greening and growth. Continue reading

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Prayers in the Park

It was a picture perfect Sunday morning as at least 70 people gathered in Blue Hill Town Park for the first of this year’s two St. Francis by the Sea’s “Prayers in the Park”(really by the sea).  It was a non-denominational service celebrating the oneness of God’s creation using John Philip Newell’s “Great Gathering Spirit”.  The Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith Officiating with music led by Heather Ford.

Our next Prayers in the Park will be Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 10 am.  Hope to see you there for a very uplifting service. 

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You can listen to Sunday’s St. Francis Sermon

August 23, 2015, Sermon by Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith

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Parishioner Makes Prison News in a Good Way!

And it involves prisons, prisoners, and mothers separated from their children. It was that separation that caught the attention and love of one of our dutiful St. Francis summer parishioners, Judith Dulling who found a way for imprisoned mothers to read to their children. As the Founder and Executive Director of  Women’s Storybook Project of Texas, Judith and her highly successful program were recently featured by both The New York Times and by the Huffington Post on HuffPost Live. Click here to see the view the video and read more about keeping kids and mothers connected despite being separated by prison bars.  Judith told us, “Also, although we record the female offenders in Texas prisons, we send books and recordings to the children; and they live all throughout the country with their caretakers. One time, we even mailed recordings and books to Russia!”

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It was a much better than Fair FAIR!

St. Francis by the Sea’s 26th Fair Day was spectacular weather-wise, which brought in a happy crowd, many of whom left with bulging bags or full hands of great bargains:

15-08-08 SFC Fair Day8

In here you will hear how much was collected at the Fair yesterday as of 10 am Sunday from Fair Treasurer Tim Thomas:

but it is just a preliminary number.  To the point that by the time the 10 am service had ended another $1,000 + had been added.  Of course, this is before all expenses are in.  

Some of the photos are in and up just click here.

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Fair Day 2015 in Pictures!

This gallery contains 41 photos.


Your Junque! Someone Else’s Treasure!

The St. Francis Fair (25 Years & counting )Saturday August 8th at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds is visible proof of community outreach.  As Fair Chair Sarah Everdell has said, “Over the past 25 years, St. Francis has donated more than $100,000 to local organizations that have partnered with us including Tree of Life, Habitat for Humanity, CFO, THAW, Peninsula Ambulance Corp, H.O.M.E, And more Nichols Day Camp who is our partner again for the 2015 Fair.”

Before anything can be sold at the Fair everything must be inspected, dusted and PRICED!  It takes a multitude of volunteers to help make the fair super successful and that process for our “Junque for Jesus” crew began in Sedgwick on Tuesday July 28th where the donated items have been stored in Joe’s Barn for months.  Check out the photo gallery! Continue reading

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A Sneak Peak at St. Francis Fair Goodies

The weather was wet, but the enthusiasm was not damped by the showers as a couple dozen volunteers gathered around a half-dozen trucks for the 1st ever St. Francis Fair Pick-up day.  Designed to help people who had so much to donate that they could not move it all themselves.   Those items were picked up and delivered to Bill’s Boatyard in Sedgwick. All kinds of goodies including the kitchen sink!  Seriously!

Seriously  a kitchen sink!

Seriously a donated kitchen sink!

Here is a chance for you to get a sneak peek of a small amount of what will be for sale at the  St. Francis Fair (25 Years & counting )Saturday August 8th at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds.

To see more pictures Continue reading

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25 Years and Counting

By Sarah Everdell, Fair Chair Plans are well underway for the 26th St. Francis Fair held this year on August 8th at the Blue Hill Fairgrounds. DSCN8868-150x150Over the past 25 years, St. Francis has donated more than $100,000 to local organizations that have partnered with us including Tree of Life, Habitat for Humanity, CFO, THAW, Peninsula Ambulance Corp, H.O.M.E, and Nichols Day Camp who is our partner again for the 2015 Fair.
Continue reading

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Fighting Next Winter’s Cold Now!

As we celebrate the warmth of summer we need to remember the winter cold and know that no matter what we do, it will come back. But you can do something to make your home more comfortable in the winter – by installing what some call, “indoor storm windows” built by “The Window Dressers organization”. WindowDressersLogo

This all volunteer-run non-profit organization manufactures and distributes these thermal window inserts at very low cost and this spring St. Francis by the Sea has been working with others to set up a local outlet for these inserts. These nearly invisible inserts reduce heat loss by blocking the air leaks from around your windows and thus the ensuing cold drafts. This results in more comfort for you while saving you money on your heating bills.

The parent ‘Windows Dressers’ organization reports heating bill savings of up to 25% and yet the inserts cost only approx. $25 per window and will, with care, last 10 years.


These inserts have pine frames with both sides wrapped with crystal-clear polyolefin film, creating a dead-air space between the two layers. A foam weather strip around the edge completes the seal. A white-painted frame is also available at slightly higher cost.



Each insert is built to fit precisely into individual windows in your home. Each is easily installed into the window frame from the inside of the house, no need to climb ladders etc.
And these inserts reusable year after year.


For the last few months, the St Francis measuring team of Ray Yardy and Bob Publicover have used a WindowDressers supplied laser device to accurately measure dozens of windows in the homes of clients. The team immediately enters the dimensions into a computer for transmission to the manufacturing plant in Rockland.

When all the data are entered, the computer will show you the total bill. If the client cannot afford to pay for the inserts Window-Dressers supplies approximately 22% of the inserts for a nominal donation of $10 per home.


During during the summer the Rockland plant cuts and assemble the frames. Then in October local volunteers (including you if at all possible) will add the covering and seals to the frames and call you to arrange for delivery.


This may all seem complicated but it is not.
To see a detailed description of the window inserts click here to visit   or check out this  22 minute video which does show how it all works.

As they say at WindowDressers “There are 557,000 homes in Maine, and over 90 percent of them need weatherization. We’re here to help.”

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