We are back to In-Person AND On-Line

We will gather again on Hinkley Ridge Road again this Sunday with masks on, vaccines in, windows open, social distancing and limited singing. If you are not comfortable with this decision you are invited to join us VIRTUALLY. For online…

Who We Are!

We are a welcoming, engaged and diverse community of faith dedicated to the spiritual, physical and social well-being of ourselves and our neighbors.  Whoever you are, whatever your beliefs, come explore and experience with us the mystery of God’s Love….

Fr. Brent’s update & UpComing Events

A Message from Fr. Brent read by Senior Warden Milissa LaLonde.. Coming Events


Sixteenth Sunday after PENTECOST September 25, 2022

The summer has drawn to a close but the foliage is adding a lot of lovely color. While we say so-long to a number of our parishioners who head to warmer climes we have not yet been able to say…

Fifteenth Sunday after PENTECOST September 18, 2022

This week The Rev. Allan Sandlin, was once again Celebrant and Preacher. Fr. Sandlin was the first full-time priest and Rector at St Francis by the Sea and often summers here on the Blue Hill Peninsula and it is always…

Risking Lives to Save Lives and Limbs

There are still 80 million live cluster bombs, as well as larger bombs, littering Laos. They have all left over from the U.S. bombing during the Vietnam War 50+ years ago. Laos is the most heavily bombed country on earth….

Music Master Class

Wednesday Seekers Found Advent Music and More! While these classes were about Advent Music what we learned from our Music Ministers: Choir Director The Rev. Carlton Russell and organist Lorna Russell excellent scholarship, research and presentation is a study of…

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Behind Our Kneelers

The history of St. Francis is an exciting example of the power of a vision and the deep faith needed to pull it off! Still, It Takes A Peninsula! One of those is the person most responsible for our very…

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What’s Happening at St. Francis

A couple of quick notes… Contemplative Prayer Fridays 9:15. In the Sanctuary and on Zoom.Contemplative prayer is the Christian way of saying meditation. We will gather, ring a bell, and then after 20 minutes, ring the bell again. The intervening…

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