And Why Are YOU Here???

It is not a judgemental question. It is just one of the questions embraced by the 2016 St. Francis by the Sea Stewardship Campaign. Co-chair of the committee, Mary Crawford made an emotional appeal to kick off the Campaign.

“Why am I here? What brought me here? What keeps me here?”

Sarah Everdell spoke during the service in the second week, but because of a technical problem we were unable to record it.
Week three was St. Francis Treasurer Kevin Hunt

and as eClare reported:Sarah and Kevin spoke openly about personal great loss and the role of St Francis in their lives as each of them has struggled to regain their footing. “

Week Four brought forth LaLonde Pledgetwo of the biggest and most contagious smiles — John Paul & Milissa LaLone. They shared fun and moving reasons why they are at St. Francis, what brought them here and what keeps them here. which was delivered with the love they bring to our parish.

When Mary Crawford asked anyone who has ever served on a Stewardship Campaign or the Vestry to come forward and stand with her —

there were so many they wouldn’t all fit in one picture.


FullSizeRender (1)

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Photos by Elizabeth Richardson

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