Behind The Scenes — The Unsung Heroes

Holy Moly it’s the Holy Mowers.

By Terri Stephens Smith

One of the things that makes the local church a success is the volunteers that take a special interest in blessing the church with their talents and time. We wish to share with you our current heroes and invite you to join them.
Now, we will be enlightening you with our “Holy Mowers” volunteers. This group keeps the outside of St. Francis by the Sea looking neat and green to those that attend our church and those that drive past. Organized years ago by Peter Smith, this summer group of volunteers meets every other week for 2 or 3 hours to mow the lawns, trim the bushes, etc. And then meets at Marlintini’s for lunch and socialization.

The 2017 group includes Brent Follweiler, Brinley Hall, Steve Hayward, John Higgins, Kevin Hunt, John Paul LaLonde, Bob Publicover, Ralph Topham, Tom Boardman, Giffy Full, Peter Smith, Simon Wesley, and Coordinator, Page Williamson.


More help is still needed to help with tree trimming, and flower beds. Also, it would be great if the shed behind the church could be enlarged to fit all the lawn equipment in it.

Left to right Steve Hayward, Page Williamson, Brent Follweiler and Ralph Topham re-hydrating at Marlintinis after and morning of Holy Mowing!


If you have an extra weed whacker, we could certainly use it. Please call Page Williamson at 207-359-0903 if you can be a blessing to this group. Women are encouraged to help, also.

Photos by Marshall Smith

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