A Surprise in Church???

It can happen!!   On Sunday November 12, 2017 the Rector St. Francis by the Sea Blue Hill, Maine the Rev. Claudia Wyatt Smith was serenaded by the Sunday School Singers under the direction of organist Lorna Russell. It was part of a surprise for Claudia’s 10th anniversary at the helm of St. Francis. The celebration was coordinated by a number of parishioners under the leadership of Charity Chung and Brenda Higgins

Claudia was visibly touched:

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, I am rarely lacking words and yet that is what happened to me last Sunday. Not only did you totally surprise me with your amazing gifts, but also I was so deeply touched by your love, that it was beyond my ability to find the words to express my thanks at the time. That said, I hope you will now accept my thanks and appreciation for all that was done to celebrate my tenure here. In truth any celebration is one that needs to be shared among you all since all of the good things that have happened at St Francis have very much been a combined effort.

So thank you…thank you…thank you for the amazing party last Sunday AND thank you… thank you…thank you for the past 10 + years together. May God continue to bless our work in the days to come.

With love and thankfulness for the people of St. Francis,
















Among the gifts,  a color painting of St. Francis by a parishioner 


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