What’s Cookin’ at St. Francis???

The Kitchen Upgrade!!!!

On Tuesday morning, May 15, 2018 the physical work on the Kitchen Upgrade began after being delayed slightly by a back order over the new vent for the new stoves.

This project has been in planning stages since we learned, last year,  of a very generous $50,000 donation by anonymous parishioners to fix the deficiencies.  The most expensive and extensive work is creating a commercial grade vent duct system.

That vent has not only arrived but is already in place.


The work is being overseen by parishioner David Decrow, who oversaw the very successful work required to deal with our leaks and mold in the under-croft several years ago.

As for this project he says, “My best guess is that the kitchen will be out of service for a two-week interval including the week-end between the two weeks. We will try to keep with that schedule as much as possible.”


Decrow adds, “The two rear bathrooms will probably be out of service for about 3 weeks once the duct work starts but again will attempt to minimize that. Overall the project may take up to 6 weeks which includes work in the sacristy, the attic, and on the roof.”


While the kitchen is not in use, coffee hour will be limited to coffee and items that don’t need to be warmed or baked.

And because we won’t have access to the kitchen sinks we will use “paper” disposable cups and plates.


The refrigerator and water dispenser are just outside the kitchen during this stage of the process.

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