From the Interim’s Pew

The Rev. Steve Hayward

Winter has given in to a long, wet spring as we await our “snow birds” and the return of summer.

Meanwhile we charge ahead to be the church in the “meantime” – working while waiting for God’s call to settle on the next rector for St Francis Church. I am grateful to all of you who have either continued to serve or who have jumped in to support our ministry. There is nothing a new rector would love more than to walk into a parish that is busy about its tasks even as it awaits new leadership.

One thing that is true in all churches is that only a small percentage of the members do most of the work. The Alban institute would tell you that about 20% of us are engaged in the weekly and monthly routines that make our life go. In a really active congregation it might be 30-40%. But in smaller churches like St Francis, which has an average attendance of 75, we need even greater participation or the core leadership will simply burnout – including your rector (or even the Interim, perhaps!).

St Francis has an impressive cadre of active leaders, and it carries a pretty heavy agenda for its size. To continue apace, we need each of you to find your place in our common life.

A good start is simply to join us each Sunday morning. And there are simple ways to help when you’re here – lectors and intercessors; acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers; Altar Guild and Flower Guild, Children’s Education, Coffee Hour and Adult Education planning and implementation. It takes a village as they say.Beyond Sundays, there are the outreach and inreach ministries that are the heart of the Gospel. The members of the Outreach Committee can provide opportunities, but they can’t accomplish it all without our help.

I hope each of you will and will continue to find ways to accomplish part of your ministry through your life at St Francis by the Sea.


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