A NEW Senior Warden

On Sunday August 25, 2019 the St. Francis church family gathered for the Annual Meeting.  Among other important issues they voted in a new Sr. Warden.  Vestry member Milissa LaLonde is now the new Senior Warden for St. Francis by the Sea.

She replaces Bob Publicover who served four years as Sr. Warden.  During the annual meeting he shared: “this is the perfect time for new blood in the church leadership.  And, Milissa LaLonde brings new energy, new ideas, an ear that really listens as well as a mind that is truly open.”

We asked Milissa to tell us about herself: “I hail from Michigan but have lived in Bucksport for 36 years, where my husband and I raised 4 children.  I retired from teaching in 2016 but continue to substitute and tutor children on a regular basis.  I love to cook, garden and am an avid reader. I am deeply involved with Restorative Justice; a process in which those who break the law or do harm can repair that harm and victims can be made whole.  John Paul and I were active Catholics for 57 years until discovering the open arms and spiritual life of St. Francis by the Sea.”

The Vestry is made up of nine St. Francis members, each elected for a three-year term. 

The Vestry is responsible, with the guidance from a search committee, to call a new rector if needed. They are also responsible for filling other positions in the parish, thus ensuring that appropriate programs, policies, duties and committees have been developed and are followed.

The Senior Warden is often referred to as the Rector’s warden and the Junior Warden (TBA) is known as the People’s Warden.

Milissa LaLonde, Senior Warden (Vestry Term ends: 2021)
Kevin Hunt, Treasurer
Sarah Everdell (Term ends: 2022)
Bill Gould (Term ends: 2022)
Prudy Heilner (Term ends: 2021)
Katie MacLeod (Term ends: 2020)
Ellie Neuhauser (Vestry Term ends: 2020)
Bob Publicover (Vestry Term ends: 2020)
Teri Stephens (Term ends: 2021)
Lynne Yurosko (Term ends: 2022)

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