Some Lenten Tips

In his First Sunday of Lent Sermon the new St. Francis Rector, The Rev. Dr. Brent Was offered a number of ways to “DO” Lent. Among them:

“Another angle of Lenten practices putting on a discipline. The Book of Common Prayer is perfect for this. Page 127 is Compline. It takes about five minutes and is one of the most beautiful things in the prayer book.”

“Just past that, on page 137 are the Daily Devotions For Individuals And Families.”

“Try reading a religious book this Lent.  Read a Richard Rohr book or N.T. Wright or Marcus Borg” book. The Last Week by Borg and JD Crossing is a great one about Holy Week or challenge yourself and read the Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton or the Spiritual Life by Evelyn Underhill, or reread the Grapes of Wrath instead of whatever you usually read before bed.”

Here’s the full Sermon:

1st Sunday in Lent Sermon by St. Francis Rector The Rev. Dr. Brent Was.
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