The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost June 27, 2021

Not only are we back we have also begun our Summer 8 am service.

The church pews are once again we populated with parishioners happy to see each other’s smiles and to hug after such a long slog through CoVid-19.

The Choir is back, too..


The key for everyone is to be fully vaccinated.

For the safety of the most vulnerable, only fully vaccinated* people may attend in-person worship. Exceptions will be made for those unable to be vaccinated due to health conditions or eligibility (such as children under 12).

The Rev. Dr. Brent Was with his Sermon
You may watch and hear the Anthem sung by the St. Francis Choir

Father Brent’s Sermon mentioned parishioner deaths and celebrations. Two of the celebrations of life were held this past weekend.

Patty Deetjen, who transitioned on January 2, 2021, was celebrated on Saturday by a large gathering of family and friends under a festive tent on Fly Point. Like Patty herself it was a gathering filled with love and laughter. Her sons, daughter-in-law, and grandsons underscored that Patty was the Patty we all knew.

Florence deGozzaldi, who unexpectedly transitioned during a dinner party on June 3, 2021, was celebrated by a standing room only gathering at St. Francis Sunday afternoon. It, too, was filled with love, laughter and moving tributes by her daughters and grandsons.

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