Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, August 1, 2021

Masks are BACK!!

Yes Masks Are Back

As our Rector The Rev. Dr. Brent Was wrote to the parish: “Governor Mills has declared that Hancock County is reporting “substantial” community transmission, triggering the new federal CDC recommendation that masks be worn inside by everyone.
Until further notice masks will be required to attend church.  We will also reinstitute social distancing in the side pews.  Windows will be opened widely (bring a sweater!), and for coffee hour, we will turn on our industrial strength ventilation system, and the doors will be open if you feel more comfortable socializing outside.
We are backsliding in this pandemic because people are declining vaccinations.   If you know someone who continues to decline vaccination, I encourage you to be as gentle and persuasive as possible and help them make the selfless, brave and morally correct decision to get the vaccine.
In Christ,

Our Guest Preacher is retired priest and long time member of St. Francis The Rev. Tim Boggs
The Full Service was Celebrated by The Rev. Dr. Brent Was

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