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St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church Blue Hill ~ Maine

From Fr. Brent August 19, 2021

As you all know the COVID-19 pandemic is not over.  In fact, we are backsliding with 12 death in Maine reported Thursday.  As of today the entire state is listed as having “high” or “substantial” transmission of COVID, triggering mask recommendations for all indoor gatherings and outdoor gathers where maintaining a safe distance is not feasible.
The vestry met on Wednesday and has made a few decisions.

1.      Coffee hour is suspended for now.  

2.     Our Annual meeting on August 29 will be a very limited affair, lasting no more than 20 minutes.a.     No potluck.     We will remain in the sanctuary after Mass.c.     In the interest of time the Emily Award and the steeple project will be the only formal presentations.  We ask you to read the annual report and bring questions pertinent to a group discussion.  (Printed copies will be available this Sunday, electronic copies will be sent to everyone soon).

3.     Both the Adult Education and Family, Children and Youth committees are discussing options.  In person formation offerings such as Sunday School, Sunday Adult Forum and Wednesday Seekers are unlikely for now.

4.     Singing.  We are keeping a close eye on transmission rates.  After consulting with Lorna and Carlton, we will likely suspend congregational singing if Hancock county slips into “high” transmission rates.

This is all very hard.  I highly encourage you to make the correct moral choice and get vaccinated for the sake of the most vulnerable even if you have personal concerns about vaccinations.  Also, I encourage you to be responsible when it comes to wearing a mask in public spaces, especially indoors.  Let’s do our best to keep COVID at bay so that our health care system can handle the stress.
As always, please be in touch if you have questions or concerns.
In Christ,

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