Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost, September 5, 2021, 10:00 am

Masks on at church.  ðŸ˜•

No congregational singing. 😕😕

COVID continues its relentless march, and based on CDC metrics, Hancock County has slipped into the “High” transmission category. (You can keep track at Gov. Mills’ COVID page at
In consultation with Lorna, Carlton and the Vestry, we will suspend congregational singing if we hit “High” anytime in a week.
Having done so this week;

  • We will not sing hymns or service music tomorrow. (The Choir will sing, masked). 
  • We’ll keep every other pew in the side pews closed off and we’ll add some roped off pews the back of the center section.

If you have a compromised immune system or have any other extra risk factors for COVID, or if you are simply unsure or nervous about what to do right now, err on the side of conservatism and join us on Zoom. (Windy and the girls are staying home because Lucille is 4 weeks too young for a vaccine). Anxiety about personal safety doesn’t help in your journey towards God in Christ. Being wise, however, and making the sacrifices we are being called to make do bring us closer to the Divine does.
Thanks for mindfully discerning what is right for you in this moment.
In Christ,

The Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Brent Was

If you would like to read the sermon click here.

The Masked but Mighty St. Francis Choir
The Full Service with Choir celebrated by The Rev. Dr. Brent Was
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