7th Sunday after the Epiphany

February 20, 2022

We are back in the pews or at least some of us are. With masks on, vaccines in, windows open, social distancing and limited singing, we are inline with the most recent guidance from the Maine CDC.

In fact, our bishop had a private conversation, not long ago, with Dr. Shah who said that if a church conducted itself as we are, he personally would be comfortable attending. For those who don’t feel comfortable we are still Zooming!

We wish to thank everyone who stuck with us despite this past Sunday’s technical difficulties. Many of the those issues have been taken care of in these videos with some editing room magic. However, there are still a few echos that couldn’t be corrected.

The Homily/Sermon by The Rev. Dr. Brent Was, Rector

If you wish to read Fr. Brent’s Sermon click here!

A Fully Masked Full Service with Folks Filling Pews

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