ALL SAINTS SUNDAY November 6, 2022

The November 6, 2022 Complete Service from St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church Blue Hill, Maine with The Rev. Donna Downs Celebrant and Preacher as well as Music and Choir. Music used by permission: One License #A-732785. All rights reserved..

Our Rector The Rev. Dr. Brent Was remains on medical leave. It is beginning to look as if one treatment recently at Mass General in Boston has given him his first relief since his constant migraine symptoms appeared a year ago this month. It is not a cure but a treatment which will have to be repeated periodically while the search for a cause & cure continues. You can hear the full message in the Announcements Video below. But First:

Homily from The Rev. Donna Downs Celebrant and Preacher

Offertory Anthem
The Full Service with Music & Choir

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