The First Sunday of ADVENT November 27, 2022

Sadly, this the First Sunday of Advent was fraught with technical difficulties. Much of what the people on Zoom could hear sounded like sickly chickens. For this we sincerely apologize and hope that Heath and I will be able to find the reason. This much we can tell you is that we have never run into THIS exact issue before.

We have done what we can for the website by cobbling together two videos from the pile of unusable, defective audio and questionable video. When it was obvious we were not going to be able to correct the issues during the service we deployed an iPhone as a back up. The resulting production is not up to the standards we have enjoyed recently.

The Rev. Dr. Regina Christianson, Celebrant and Preacher
The Offertory Anthem

Again, our apologies for not being able to share the complete service.


Visiting the Homebound
Anyone wishing to make friendly visits to parishioners or wanting to learn more about delivering. Eucharist to homebound, please join us at St. Francis on Saturday morning December 3rd at 9:30 am in the library. Contact Milissa or Prudy if you have any questions. Thank you

Adult Forum Reminder:

All are invited to take part in prayerful reading and reflecting on the
meaning of Advent and Christmas with a stellar book featuring those such as CS Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Annie Dillard, Dorothy Day and so many more: “Watch for the Light,” published by Orbis Books, is readily available used at Amazon at reasonable prices. Blue Hill Books will also have some. Should you want to join the Sunday Forum in what has proven to be lively and thoughtful discussion, it continues to meet and bewgan with “Watch for the Light” on the 1st Sunday in Advent, November 27th.

St. Francis Giving Tree for Emmaus Center

Begins Sunday, December 4th, adorned with gift tags noting the age for either a boy or girl. Please take as many as you can, purchase the appropriate gifts, and return to the church ASAP.

Please Do Not Wrap gifts, place each one in a bag with the appropriate tag, some wrapping paper and ribbon. All gifts will go to the Emmaus Center in Ellsworth.

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