The Third Sunday of
December 11, 2022, 10:00 am

We apologize for he last minute decision on December 11th to shift to Facebook Live instead Zoom was a Hail Mary Pass for this team. We could not go four weeks with unintelligible sound and all of our “fixes” were neither quick nor fixes in reality. Facebook Live gave us everything we needed except the ability for those viewing to see others. For now, Facebook live seems to be the answer but as we have learned over the past couple of years we need to be flexible.

The December 11, 2022, Offertory Anthem by the St Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church Choir in Blue Hill, Maine. Anthem: “When he comes” by Mark Shepperd (b. 1950) Music used by permission: One License #A-732785 All rights reserved

To Watch The Full Service Click here:

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