Second Sunday after the EPIPHANY January 8, 2023

This week we are again blessed to have The Rev. Carlton Russell as Celebrant and Preacher. The Rev. Donna Downs, is celebrating the wedding on her daughter and will return next Sunday. Our Rector The Rev. Dr. Brent Was remains on medical leave but gratefully is having more better days as a result of some new treatments. We wish the Was Family a much happier 2023 and our continued prayers.

The Homily
Offertory Anthem
Announcements including the latest about Fr. Brent

Giving the Gift of Life to a Dear Friend of St. Francis

Our friend, mentor and brother in Christ, Pastor Edward Dufresne, is often in need of a blood transfusion these days. But his blood type – O negative – is in short supply. So we are reaching out to the community to see if there are folks with O negative blood who might give blood in Edward’s name to be stored and used for his use when he needs it. There is a process for doing this, which is described below, in a note from Edward:

A program to establish a special reserve of O negative blood type has now been put in place in Bangor ME. The first step is for me to give the American Red Cross, through my primary care physician, your names, phone numbers, and email addresses as persons who are willing to donate. Then you will be contacted by the American Red Cross Blood bank folks who will guide you through the rest of the process.

In an effort to limit emails to Edward, please let me know via email if you have O negative blood and are able to give some in Edward’s name. I will pass your name and email on to him, and he can pass the information onto his physician. My email is

Thank you all for considering this request. And actually, it’s a good reminder to all of us of the importance of donating blood periodically, as it is often in short supply.

A Big Thank YOU from YOU?!?

Let’s show our appreciation to Donna Downs!!!

Please write one sentence of thanks on a slip of paper (on the table in the Narthex) and place it in the offertory basket or email to Milissa LaLonde. These will be put together in some artistic way and presented to her at a special coffee hour to honor her and to welcome Allan Sandlin on Feb 5. Thank you!

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