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Dear Friends,
Your Vestry and Fr. Brent met on Sunday to discuss a way forward for St. Francis in this difficult time. These conversations have not been easy, but grace has abounded and every one of these conversations has been filled with empathy and generosity. Following is the plan that emerged from our prayer-filled meeting:

  • The Reverend Allan Sandlin, former Rector and familiar member has generously agreed to serve as our Interim Rector from February 1, 2023 to June 30 2023, should we need him that long. He will work half time and will have the full authority of the Rector.
  • Fr. Brent continues to make progress, but neurological issues like those he faces are hard to diagnose and treat. Neither he and his family nor the church can go on in limbo much longer, so a final decision about his return will be made on February 15. He will be welcomed back if he is well enough to serve close to full time, reliably and consistently. If he is unable to return, he will cease employment with St. Francis at that time and a search process will begin. Brent and family are relieved to have a definite decision date and are endlessly grateful for the tremendous support they have received from individuals and the Parish as a whole.
  • The Reverend Donna Downs will graciously lead us through the Christmas season and through the month of January, with the exception of January 15, when her daughter will be married.

On behalf of the Vestry, we offer deep thanks for your kind words, patience and support up to this point and we hope going forward. We also want to acknowledge the incredible support, guidance and love we continue to receive from Bishop Thomas and his staff.

In Christ,

Milissa LaLonde
Prudy Heilner
Reverend Dr. Brent Was

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