The Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings & Grounds Committee does not operate as a normal committee with regular members or established meetings. The Junior Warden coordinates a range of activities to maintain St. Francis property, which includes the church building, the grounds and parking lot. Members of the parish are called upon to supply manpower as necessary. Maintenance includes repairs and minor improvements to the facility, property upkeep of the lawns, flower beds and trees, and general cleaning of church interiors. The Junior Warden is also the person on call for emergencies.

In some cases, groups take on specific responsibilities that they manage regularly, often making it a time for work and fellowship.  For example, throughout the summer a crew of five or six men called the “Holy Mowers” gather to mow, trim, edge, weed and tend to the grounds around the church. Almost 20 parishioners have taken part in this group at one time or another.

Inside the church, the “Sacred Scrubbers” clean and keep the building in order, including painting, scrubbing floors and hauling trash. Many others volunteer their time and energy during spring and fall clean-up days. At this year’s spring clean-up, some 30 people mulched, washed windows, planted flowers, cleaned light fixtures, trimmed branches and polished woodwork — and of course, shared in a meal after the work was done.

Refer to Time & Talent to learn more about the many groups who give of their time and talent to St. Francis or learn more about our Administration ministry.

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