Time & Talent

St. Francis is blessed to have parish members who are active in the church. Some take part in worship services as readers, ushers, or members of the choir. Others use career skills to oversee church finances or contribute to our website. Many come together to help maintain church property. Still others are part of groups that organize events or take part in study activities. There are countless opportunities to join in parish life:

  • Greeting parishioners and visitors
  • Serving at the Altar
  • Flower Guild
  • Hosting and participating in the Sunday coffee hour or other fellowship events
  • Operating photography or audio/visual equipment
  • Lending a hand in community outreach endeavors
  • Visiting shut-ins or helping parish members in need of transportation
  • Supporting church events like the St. Francis Fair and key celebrations of the church year
  • Serving on committees and representing St. Francis in the community
  • And more…

How can your talents be applied to God’s work? If you feel called to share your time and talent as you read about the ministry of some of these groups, contact us. If you recognize a need that is unmet, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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